We’re a creative company.

Fresh. Friendly. Fun. Focused.

We make brands that we believe in thrive. An independent design agency in Syria, Design Shop creates original, branded work that’s edgy, provocative and memorable. Work that forges emotional connections with your customers to create a passion for your brand.

Founded in 2000, Design Shop is a brands, graphic design, unique print and advertising & marketing agency  that specializes in creating logos, corporate identities and interactive experiences for apps and ANY THING YOU THINK. We enjoy working with remarkable people who are seeking remarkable results. And disdain anonymous, boring branding.

Dedicated to the craft of design, we may not be huge but we pack a one team . We give our clients the hands-on attention to detail that they deserve. Our small size means our design team can collaborate directly with clients.

We believe exceptional design and creativity gives you a competitive advantage in the world of business. And that smart strategy, talent and hard work lead to remarkable results.