Are you searching for Flex or Flock media to use with your cutting plotter?
FOREVER offers you a wide range of Flex and Flock, in various colors and patterns.
Now, the new FLEX-SOFT material is available, comparable with screenprinting. Ask for more information right now.



waterslide FOREVER FLEX
Full colored flex, vinyl for cutting plotters. Fullcolored heat transfer foil for plotters with a highly opaque, matte finish, FOREVER Flex is available in 76 colors and suitable for sportswear (soccer and icehockey shirts, etc.)
Product properties
Very high elasticity and excellent sealing properties
Sizes \ rolls 
Roll width = 50 cm | Roll length = 5 m, 10 m or 25 m
Printable materials
100% cotton, blendet fabric (50% cotton/50% polyester), denim, nylon, etc.

Standard colors: white, black, light blue, green, navy blue, royal blue, red, purple, dark orange, medium yellow, lemon, baby pink, sky blue, lilac, apple green, military green, cardinal red, flame red
Metallic colors: gold metallic, silver metallic, brilliant gold, brilliant silverwhite-
Neon colors: neon yellow, neon green, neon orange, neon pink
Glitter: glitter white, glitter silver, glitter blue, glitter green, glitter red, glitter gold
Pearl: pearl silver, pearl gold, pearl bronze, pearl multicolor
Star: star silver, star gold, star red, star blue, star rainbow, star pink, star purple
Paint: paint green, paint lilac, paint silver, paint pink
GLOW IN THE DARK: Glow in the dark
Reflective flex: Reflective flex
Flex nylon: nylon white, nylon royal blue, nylon grey, nylon black, nylon purple, nylon light blue, nylon silver metallic, nylon red, nylon orange, nylon green, nylon bordeaux, nylon navy blue, nylon yellow, nylon gold metallic
Flex fashion: jeans blue, jeans red, jeans beige, carbonium silver, carbonium gold, carbonium red, spangle gold, spangle silver, snake silver, snake copper, marble silver, marble blue, camouflage


flex soft rckseiteFOREVER FLEX Soft
Flex-Soft is a quite unique product that differentiates its self from the normal type of flex it has a much better touch and allows the textile to breath.
It can be applied on cotton.


FOREVER Flex-Soft is a transfer media for cutting plotters, with a screen printing quality.
It is a brand new innovation and changes the world of „Cad-Cut“, vinyl or flex materials, through the soft touch, easy weeding and handling.
40°C washable.
What are the advantages of this product comparing to the standard flex material? The advantages are:

   – Screenprinting touch
   – Multi finishing possibilities
     (hot-stamping-foils, flock sheet, sublimation foil or even glitter)

   – Easy to handle
   – High speed application (3 seconds)
   – Allows the breath of the textile
   – Possibility to print over the edges and stitches with out cutting
Ask for Flex-Soft finishing base if your goal is a flock, hot-staming-foil, sublimation foil or glitter finishing look.


flock rckseiteFOREVER FLOCK
Our Flock is of an extremly good quality, produced with an highwash resistance process. flock-printingWith a high of 0,5mm it gives you a good feeling when touched. It is available in rolls with a width of 50 cm. Available formats 6m, 12m and 24m”
white, pink, light blue, grey, lemon, red, royal blue, green, mango, dark red, denim, brown, orange, Bordeaux, navy and black.